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Vinegar Plant Control Systems

Rockwell Automation - Gold System Integrator ---

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Rockwell Automation is recognized as a GOLD System Integrator for Rockwell Automation and is certified for 3 disciplines - Control, Low Voltage Drive Systems, and PlantPAx.

Customers can feel confident choosing a Rockwell Automation GOLD System Integrator because they must possess high corporate standards, financial stability, and competency on Rockwell Automation technologies.

Controls Certification

Rockwell Studio 5000

As an Authorized Rockwell Automation GOLD System Integrator, Systems Interface's personnel are experts in applying Rockwell Automation software and hardware products in our control solutions. Systems Interface Inc. engineers have specialized training and plant experience in Rockwell Automation® Products and Services.


Programming Software

      RSLogix5, RSLogix500 and RSLogix5000.


      FactoryTalk View, ViewPoint, VantagePoint, Metrics and RSView32.

Data Management

      FactoryTalk Historian, Gateway and Transaction Manager.

Production Management

      FactoryTalk Batch and ProductionCentre

Low Voltage Drive Systems Certification

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A main focus of Systems Interface Inc. relates to VFDs, ranging in size from small to large…in excess of 450hp. Major markets include Aerospace, WTP and WWTP, Food, Material Handling, and Manufacturing. A unique niche market is Marine winch control VFD systems.


Systems Interface Inc. designs and delivers VFDs control systems in a diverse field of applications. Leading that field are moveable bridges….including bascule, swing, lift and draw span designs. A typical solution set consists of Rockwell Automation ControLogix PLCs, Ethernet-based Remote I/O, Fiber Optic Networking, Panelview Plus Operator Interface Touchscreens, and Rockwell FactoryTalk® SCADA software. Other VFD applications include heavy moveable structures, such as US Government radar antennas, telescope and antenna positioning systems, and rocket launch systems.

Systems Interface Inc. offers a full range of VFD control solutions, including conceptual design, detailed engineering design that complies with UL 508A/698A requirements and stamped by Professional Engineers, complete drawing documentation, dynamometer testing, panel shop manufacturing and witness testing --- all occurring within one 12,000sqft facility. PLC, PC, HMI hardware and software is typically integrated with our VFD Systems. If required, MCCs, various instrumentation, and networks using a variety of media can be included in the design and witness tested in our shop. Field commissioning, training services, and maintenance contracts are offered on a 24/7 basis because we understand the need to be flexible with plant production hours.

PlantPAx Certification

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In June, 2018, Systems Interface Inc. was honored to receive recognition from Rockwell Automation for our Process Capability with a Rockwell Automation Process PlantPAx Certification. This recognition is based on Systems Interface Inc.'s strong process experience and reputation of delivering successful automation projects in the process industry. These projects include applying Rockwell Automation software and hardware products into Batch, continuous Process, and PlantPAx process control solutions.


A PlantPAx systems uses a common automation platform for seamless integration between critical areas of your plant. This modern DCS connects process, discrete, power, information, and safety control into one plant-wide infrastructure.

The same platform can be used for single stations or large distributed architectures.

The PlantPAx modern DCS is based on open communication standards leveraging EtherNet/IP as its backbone. As a result, real-time information is readily available throughout the enterprise for better business decisions.