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Industry 4.0
Platform Step Value Summary How Systems Interface Inc. Can Support

Computerization Computerization:
Are your machines and processes “Digital Capable?”
* Controlled by modern PLC’s/CNC’s

  • Repeatable Process
  • Modern maintenance supportable
    control platform
  • Data and sensor platform for
    manufacturing data visibility
  • IBE (Installed Base Evaluations)
  • Disaster Recovery Assessment
    and Planning
  • Migration Planning
  • Control System Migrations (PLC/HMI/Drive)

Connectivity Connectivity:
Do you have network connectivity to all your critical assets?

  • Ability to source data across
    the manufacturing organization
    (a key technological enabler)
  • Network Assessments
  • Network Architecture Design
  • Patch Management

Visibility Visibility:
Does operations have real-time dashboards and
KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)?

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
    and Metrics to enable data driven
    real-time decision making
  • Production Metric Assessment
    and Implementation
  • Data Collection Architecture
    Design and Implementation
  • KPI Dashboarding

Transparency Transparency:
Are you able to use data to discover cause-effect
relationships within plant operations?

  • Enable the discovery of less
    intuitive cause-effect relationships
    leading to better production metrics/KPI’s
  • Database Schema Development
  • Ad Hoc Reporting/Analysis Tool Development/Deployment
  • Downtime Analysis/OEE Design and Implementation

Predictive Capacity Predictive Capacity:
Is the data sufficiently comprehensive to
enable you to “look ahead” predictively?

  • Ability to proactively look back
    and project forward to get ahead of decisions
  • Business Rule Development/Implementation
  • Track and Trace Systems
  • MES Lite
  • Asset Health Monitoring and Predictive Metrics

Adaptability Adaptability:
Is your data sufficiently causal and predictable
you can apply rule-based decision automation?

  • Automate decisions for greater agility
  • Real-time Atomic Transaction Management
  • Batch/Recipe Management