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The Moran Escort Tugs in the picture are performing emergency steering/braking maneuvers on a liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanker ship during an escort inbound to Sempra Energy's LNG facility in Cameron Louisiana.

Such tethered escort maneuvers are performed at bollard pull plus tensions using powered indirect modes in dynamic sea-state conditions. These maneuvers are made possible by the Markey Machinery Company Hawser winch Render/Recover® Winch Control technology which employs drive/control system technology developed by Systems Interface.

LNG escorts in severe sea-state conditions are routinely handled by Markey Machinery Hawser winch drive systems. Their latest deployment of asymmetrical winch drive system technology utilizes 760 horsepower dual DBR regenerative drives and 1500 horsepower water cooled brakes on a fleet of four SMBC tugs at the Costa Azul LNG facility located in Ensenada Mexico.

Render/Recover® is registered trademark of the Markey Machinery Company, Seattle WA.

Nichols Brothers

This picture was taken at the Nichols Brothers Boat Yard where another new tugboat is getting ready to be commissioned.

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