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Drive Systems & Motion Control ---

A main focus of Systems Interface relates to Drive Systems, which range in size from small to large…in excess of 1000 hp.

Our experience ranges from heavy movable structures, high inertia overhauling loads to CIP integrated multi-axis servo drive systems. Major markets include Aerospace, Marine, Movable Bridges, Material Handling, Manufacturing, Food, WTP and WWTP.

Systems Interface designs and delivers Drive Systems in a diverse field of applications including both AC and DC drive systems. Leading that field are moveable bridges….including bascule, swing, lift and draw span designs. A typical solution set consists of Allen-Bradley ControLogix PLCs, Ethernet-based Remote I/O, Fiber Optic Networking, PanelView Plus Operator Interface Touchscreens, and Rockwell Factory-Talk SCADA software.

Drive Panel

If you have a Drive System or motion control requirement, we would welcome the opportunity to review your application and develop a cost effective solution.

Drive Panel

Other drive system applications include heavy moveable structures, such as US Government radar antennas, telescope and antenna positioning systems, and rocket launch systems.

At Systems Interface, we pride ourselves in reacting quickly to opportunities, understanding risks and implementing designs that mitigate those factors, working beyond normal hours to manufacture and deliver systems in tight time schedules, and being creative in developing solutions with our suppliers.

Systems Interface retains unique engineering capabilities for application to:

  • Control Moving Drawbridges
  • Operate Highly Specialized Cranes
  • Control High-Mass Over-Hauling Loads

Systems Interface has been recognized by government municipalities (King county, Seattle, Washington, USA) as a uniquely qualified source for these specific control system engineering capabilities. We have the expertise as well as the experience to properly manage and control the inertia and dynamics of very high mass loads.

Examples of past Drive & Motion applications include:

  • Satellite Antenna Drive systems
  • Large Aircraft Airframe Assembly
  • Marine Hoist/Winch Drive systems
  • Deep Space Antenna Drive system
  • Carriage and Mandrel Winding Machine
  • Magellan Telescope Dome Drive system
  • Roll Handling Bridge Crane Drive system
  • Drawbridge Control and DC Drive system
  • Titan Rocket SMARF Crane Control system
  • Airplane Wing Panel Sling Crane Drive system
  • Oceanographic Research Vessel Winch Drive systems

Winder Application

The following video is of a typical Winder. The System features an Advantech Touch Screen PC running Motion Commander® Software and Delta Tau Motion Control Boards. The Delta Tau Motion Control Board sends speed commands to Siemens 611U Servo Drives to control the Mandrel speed and Carriage position. Winding patterns are calculated in the Motion Commander Software. The video shows a dry run of a helical pipe wind for a large diameter fiberglass tank.