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Systems Interface Inc. is a Control Systems Integrator. Our focus is on the application and utilization of programmable logic controllers and computer technology. We ship and support process control systems in all corners of the world.

While we work in a wide range of industries, we have a primary focus on the following vertical markets:
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Water/Wastewater Integrator

Rockwell Automation welcomes Systems Interface Inc. into their System Integrator Water Wastewater Industry Recognition Program.

Yeast Systems Tanks
Vinegar Tanks
Food & Beverage

Applications include bottling lines, CIP systems, ingredient feeders and product handling.

Warehousing Solutions

Conveyor Systems which include Barcode Scanning, printing, sorting, data collection, inventory with full VPN support.

pump station
Water / Wastewater

We support municipal water districts by providing high quality, economic control systems for wells, lift stations, reservoirs, or wastewater treatment facilities.

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Drive Pic 2
Drive Systems

Our experience ranges from heavy movable structures, high inertia overhauling loads to multi-axis servo drive systems.

applicator Robotics

We handle all things Robotic, such as pick-n-place, stacking, and sorting applications.

Control Panel Manufacturing
CNC Machine

We are a design / build manufacturing firm. We use CNC Machine Tooling for automated, fast, precise and reliable machining.

applicator PLC Migration



As legacy control systems are no longer supported, we assist our clients in migrating to new sustainable control platforms.

Arc Flash Arc Flash Risk Assessments

Arc Flash Risk Assessments, Time Current Coordination Studies, Installed Base Evaluations.

Arc Flash FactoryTalk View SE Migration

RSView32 End of Life Announcement & Migration to FactoryTalk View SE

SMBC Mexicali
Marine Industry

Deck Machinery Controls. Hawser winch Render/RecoverĀ® Winch Control technology which employs drive/control system technology.

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