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The Moran Escort Tugs in the picture are performing emergency steering/braking maneuvers on a liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanker ship during an escort inbound to Sempra Energy's LNG facility in Cameron Louisiana.

Such tethered escort maneuvers are performed at bollard pull plus tensions using powered indirect modes in dynamic sea-state conditions. These maneuvers are made possible by the Markey Machinery Company Hawser winch Render/Recover® Winch Control technology which employs drive/control system technology developed by Systems Interface.

LNG escorts in severe sea-state conditions are routinely handled by Markey Machinery Hawser winch drive systems. Their latest deployment of asymmetrical winch drive system technology utilizes 760 horsepower dual DBR regenerative drives and 1500 horsepower water cooled brakes on a fleet of four SMBC tugs at the Costa Azul LNG facility located in Ensenada Mexico.

Render/Recover® is registered trademark of the Markey Machinery Company, Seattle WA.

McAllister Tugs

The muscular tug, Capt. Brian A McAllister, named for the legendary chairman of the McAllister Towing Company, led a parade of naval vessels participating in the New York City's annual Fleet Week show.

Systems Interface designed and built the winch controls for this vessel including the HMI console and the Shared VFD Drive System for the Markey Machinery 100-hp Class III Escort winch on the bow and a 75-hp towing winch on the stern.

This tug was featured in an article in the May 2019 issue of the Professional Mariner. Professional Mariner. A complete copy of the article can be accessed by clicking on this link". Capt. Brian A. McAllister

Versatility is also addressed in the new class of tug. The two winches are more than capable for escort, assist, rescue and ocean towing assignments.

"The (hawser) winch is probably the best thing on this boat, but everything about this boat is powerful." said Capt. Jesse Wynn."

McAllister Tug


15 miles north of Ensenada, Mexico, in Pacific waters just off the Mexican Baja, Moran's SMBC joint ventrue (the initals stand for Servicious Maritimos de Baja California) has been writting a new chapter in the company's history.

Based at the Port of Ensenada, SMBC comprises four ocean escort tugs and several support vessles. Costa Azul presesents a special challenger for escort tugs. located on a remote but exposed section of Baja coastline, it frequently experiences sea conditions that produce nearly 10-foot swells.

Markey Machinery designed and built the first of its kind, most advanced high-preformance electic winch afloat. It is described as a double-drum "waterfall" design, the most powerful and responsive unit Markey Machinery has ever built. The winch's most outstanding feature is a unique render-recover system that automatically keeps the line tension constant, compensating for the tug's motion, thereby preventing snap-loads and breakage.

Systems Inteface, a controls partner for Markey Machinery, was instrumental in the design, manufacturing and commissioning of the winch drive and control system.

“To a hawser connected tug and tanker snaking over the crests of 9-foot swells, this equipment is as indispensable as a gyroscope is to a rocket”

This tug was featured in an article in the May 2010 issue 63 of the "TowLine Magazine". A complete copy of the article can be accessed by clicking on this link". Moran_Mexicali

Tug SMBC Mexicali

Nichols Brothers

This picture was taken at the Nichols Brothers Boat Yard where another new tugboat is getting ready to be commissioned.

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